portál o slovenskom dizajne
Mgr. art Michaela Vallachová


concept of light arm chair which stands on the opposite of heaviness and complicated materials of old esthetics 


swing for kids made of recyclable carton which can be painted and customize if kid wishes. 


theme: catering result: beach cateringcooperation with LG Hi Macs, Polytrade

Palma oil set

cooperation with Palma Group, a.s.


design of the sound system is inspired by folk custom of hanging painted plates on the wall 



Ball filled with air is pushed by leg of the player. The air pushed through the pipes makes sound. The instrument is made for three players.


This concept is combination of „old“ and „new“. The „old“ part is represented by lorgnettes and monocles (in past also considered often as a jewel). The proper lens is replaced by opaque material with circled perforations by which is the “new” part represented. This tool is known on todays market as pinhole glasses and works well in cases of myopia and hyperopia too.


dizajn dioptrických okuliarov na mieru zákazníkovi. samotná skica na fotke tváre klienta tu funguje nie len ako odrazový mostík k tvarovému riešeniu, ale už aj ako dekor. 

design of eyewear diractly for a customer. the very sketch of eyewear on client's portrait is working as a design resolution and as a decor too.


INSPIRATION: -old lorgnettes and monocles of 18th and 19th century                           -pinhole glasses 


concept for Rona

spot light

theme: up side down


consultant: Patrik Illo company: Rona
drinking glass inspired by water, made for water

Arm chair

Bar Chair