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Mgr. art. Michal Kukučka


Renault 4 family PROJECT

Audi DNA project

Audi cross coupe project

Audi cross coupe project

URBAN CRUISER - master degree project

Project of ecological electromobile called urban cruiser. Vehicle is for cities,where people would strictly use an alternative transportation. Mainly usage should be for sport activities in natural reservations situated close to the city.This vehicle also reckon with existing network of vehicles-NGCONNECT. Driver can access to that network through his smartbook device.This device also taking care about vehicle landing run depending on battery stamina...More details you can read from pictures.

Rally Fighter/Zigtech competition with Reebok

As Rally Fighter vehicle is mostly used for enjoying desert or just offroad journeys, the design language of my shoes is mostly inspired by wild nature and her details. Shapes, colors and priciples are reflected into particular elements and thus creating suitable shoe design for RALLY FIGHTER driver. It creates compromise between offroad shoes and nicely looking urban shoes.