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typeface Klimax

Klimax - Klimax is a display typeface with four styles and OpenType features meant for use in bigger point sizes. Its name, Klimax, is derived from its two basic styles, Plus and Minus – the heaviest and the lightest possible. They are optical opposites but both share similar metrics and kerning information, so they can be easily swapped without any big change in the lenght of text. The counters and white spaces of Klimax Plus show the inner construction within its black shapes and their thickness is exactly the same as of monolinear strokes of Klimax Minus. A real italic with curved strokes and character close to the calligraphic cursive is available for both styles. All four styles support basic OpenType features, Klimax Plus has numerator and denominator figures that can be combined into special overlapping fractions. The small capitals of Klimax Plus are designed to resemble basic geometric shapes as much as possible, with no counters, but still very well recognizable as letterforms.